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A bit about me

Over the years, I've gathered significant knowledge in building web applications. I've built several personal projects from start to finish using Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, React and other tools and technologies. Now, I am seeking to gain experience working in a company setting, where my code will actually have an impact on the life of users. So many times I've come across challanges in this my journey. But I have the determination to always accomplish my goals, so I often overcome these challanges. I am currently building a product which I intend to turn into a startup. I feel excited about it already and I can't wait to tell the world when it's ready. I am familiar with these tools and technologies: Python, Django, Flask, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Express.js, Bootstrap, Git, SQL, C. Apart from coding, I enjoy playing chess.

A fun fact about me (maybe): I keep a collection of all my rejection emails so I can inspire people when I finally land my dream job.

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Some stuff I’ve worked on 📁


YensoGram is an instant-messenger application. It allows a user to send messages in form of chats to other users. It also allows the ability to make posts to a real-time feed. It was developed using Python (Django), JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
HTML/CSS   JavaScript   Python


Auction is an app that allow users to post items (listings) for auction, place bids on listings, comment on those listings, and add listings to a “watchlist.” Whenever a listing is closed, the highest bidder becomes the winner and is notified.

Disclaimer: This project was not built to be responsive. Please view on desktop.
HTML/CSS   Python   Django


Mail is a single-page email client that makes API calls to send and receive emails. Single-page in the sense that, using pure JavaScript and AJAX methods, the application loads data from the server-side without having to reload a page. It was built using Python (Django), HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
HTML/CSS   Python   JavaScript

CS50 Projects

Random projects I did for Harvard University's CS50 course.
C   Python   SQL

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